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GelColor by OPI


Manicure & Pedicure:

O.P.I helps to keep your nails healthy; Nails last about two weeks (longer on toes) with zero chipping, (Yeah, it's amazing!!) O.P.I is the perfect solution if you have a busy life style.

    Therapist Senior Therapist
Mini O.P.I manicure Book Online £15 £18
Classic O.P.I manicure Book Online £23 £26
Luxury O.P.I manicure Book Online £33 £36
Mini O.P.I pedicure Book Online £17 £20
Classic O.P.I pedicure Book Online £30 £33
Luxury O.P.I pedicure Book Online £36 £39
O.P.I Gel      
Gel polish soak off Book Online £10 £10
O.P.I Gel polish Book Online £32 £35
Luxury O.P.I manicure with gel polish Book Online £47 £50


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