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Beauty Treatments 2019

Waxing Book online

A method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair by the root, and can last up to 4-6 weeks. Under 18 year’s old parents consent.            


senior therapist

1/2 arm £14 £17
Full arm £20 £23
Eyebrow wax £12 £15
Lip or chin £9 £12
Lip & chin £21 £24
Lip, chin & eyebrows £33 £36
1/2 leg £15 £18
3/4 leg £19 £22
Full leg £25 £28
Under arm £13 £16
1/2 leg & standard bikini £32 £35
1/2 leg, standard bikini & under arm £45 £48
3/4 leg & standard bikini £37 £40
3/4 leg & standard bikini & under arm £49 £52
Full leg & standard bikini £42 £45
Full leg, standard bikini & under arm £55 £58
Standard bikini & under arm £32 £35
Stomach £23 £26
Back £24 £27
Chest £24 £27
Back & chest £42 £45

Intimate Bikini waxing Book Online

Standard bikini outside knicker line £17 £20
Extended bikini inside knicker line £22 £25
Brazilian landing strip £37 £40

Eyelash, eyebrow tinting Book Online

Patch Test must be carried out 24 hours prior to any tinting.
Eyelash tint £13 £16
Eyebrow tint £13 £16
Eyelash tint & eyebrow tint £24 £27
Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint & eyebrow shape £32 £35

Manicure & pedicure  Book online

O.P.I. Mini manicure £15 £18
O.P.I. Classic manicure £23 £26
O.P.I. Luxury manicure £33 £36
O.P.I. Mini pedicure £17 £20
O.P.I. Classic pedicure £30 £33
O.P.I. Luxury pedicure £36 £39

Facials Book online



Vitamin C Facial

Stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers, improves skin smoothness, immediately noticeable skin smoothing and increased skin moisture; reduces wrinkles caused by dryness and removes dead skin cells.

  60 min £60
Environ Active Vitamin treatment

The Active Vitamin Treatment uses gentle electrical pulses and soundwaves to greatly enhance the penetration of powerful nutrients. Skin is left nourished, supple and radiant.

  90 min £85
Environ HydraBoost treatment

For dry lack lustre skin. Intensive treatment to deeply hydate, plump and firm the skin. Based on hyaluronic acid.

  75 min £90
Environ Collagen Power facial

This peptide-packed facial helps to boost collagen, soften fine line and tighten lax skin, resultingin a more yougthful appearance. Ideal for mature or photo-damaged complexions.

60 min £65 90 min £85
Environ Purifying Treatment

Created to purify, micro-exfoliate and rehydrate your skin. This treatment assists with the treatment of acne, scarring and deep congestion.

  45 min £45
Aromatherapy Facial

Amazingly soothing. An aromatherapy facial for sensitive and irritated skins.

30 min £30 60 min £60
La Biosthetique Angels Touch Calm

Soothing facial recommended for sensitive skin, calms and reduces redness.

  60 min £60
La Biosthetique Angels Touch Purify

Recommended for oily, combination and congested skin. Draws out unwanted impurities, calms, heals and balances. Skin will look clearer after just one treatment.

  60 min £60
La Biosthetique Dermothetique Express

This express facial will reduce fine lines and wrinkles after only one treatment. Tiny needles open pores to enable specialised anti-aging ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin leaving skin fresh, glowing and youthful.

  20 min £35
La Biosthetique Mother To Be

Indulge in a little 'you' time. Includes our Foot Ritual, firming algae masque for your bump and a soothing mini facial. Well deserved bliss!!

  60 min £60
La Biosthetique Very Manly Mens Facial

All men. Skin is scrubbed, purified and firmed resulting in a clear, toned complexion.

  60 min £60

Alisun V300+ (Winter sun)

The Alisun V300+ provides an optimal balance between efficiency and results, the V300+ is the perfect solution for those who want comfortable power. It is equipped with plug and play MP3 connector and comes with Cool Breeze unit. Alisun V300+ has lower UVA with increased UVB for a smoother and better looking tan. The Alisun has unique anti-aging properties with a skin collagen treatment and vitamin D production. Plug in your MP3 Player and listen to your favourite music.

One Pound Per Minute    
Alisun V300+ (10min) Book Online £10
Alisun V300+ (8min) Book Online £8
Alisun V300+ (5min) Book Online £5
Courses of 30min, 60min, 90min and 120min are not availabe to buy online, please enquire on 01628 850084    

Holistic Treatments  Book online


Indian head massage

therapist senior therapist
This treatment works on pressure points in the scalp easing tension, works well with people that suffer with headaches, migraines & sinus problems. This treatment is pure bliss.
  30 mins   £32 £35

Aromatherapy massage

Recommended for tension, aching muscles, joint discomfort & improving blood circulation.
Back, neck & shoulders 30 mins £35 £40
Back, neck & shoulders 45 mins £40 £45
Full body 60 mins £55 £60
Full body 90 mins £65 £70

Hot and cold stone therapy

By using volcanic rocks this helps to remove any tension in the body. This is for a pure relaxation.
Full body 60 mins £60 £65
Full body 90 mins £85 £90

Pre-natal massage

Available only after the first 3 months of pregnancy
Back, neck & shoulders 30 mins £33 £36
Back, neck & shoulders 60 mins £55 £60

Full body scrub

Removal of dead skin cells, conditioning the skin with a full body massage, this treatment is for hydration, fabulous treat prior to holiday or after. Perfect full body pamper. 30 mins


60 mins £60 £60
90 mins £80 £85

Hopi-ear candle therapy

Ear candles, using only natural ingredients, placed in to the auditory canal for this pleasant an completely painless treatment benefits for those suffering from hay fever, excessive ear wax or sensation of blocked ears, headaches, migraine, tinnitus and sinusitis. 45 mins   £35
Cranial sacral therapy      
A gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain. 60 min   £50
A deeply relaxing therapy, involving the application of pressure point energy points on the soles of the feet, known as reflexes to encourage the body to heal from within. 60 min   £45