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~ IPL Laser hair removal ~

We are delighted to offer our clients laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments from our Salon in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.

IPL hair removal Per session Senior Esthetician
Patch test £20 BookOnline
Abdomen and chest £175 BookOnline
Arms upper or lower £90 BookOnline
Buttocks £90 BookOnline
Center line £70 BookOnline
Centre brow £45 BookOnline
Cheeks £70 BookOnline
Extended bikini (thong) £90 BookOnline
Eyebrows £55 BookOnline
Feet and toes £50 BookOnline
Full abdomen £140 BookOnline
Full arms £175 BookOnline
Full back £175 BookOnline
Full back incl shoulders £200 BookOnline
Full bikini (hollywood) £110 BookOnline
Full bikini (inc. buttocks) £120 BookOnline
Full chest area £100 BookOnline
Full face £110 BookOnline
Full legs £250 BookOnline
Half face £90 BookOnline
Hands and fingers £55 BookOnline
Inner thighs £80 BookOnline
Linea £55 BookOnline
Lip and large chin area £75 BookOnline
Lip and small chin area £55 BookOnline
Lower back £95 BookOnline
Lower legs £140 BookOnline
Neck £75 BookOnline
Shoulders £85 BookOnline
Small abdomen £90 BookOnline
Small bikini £70 BookOnline
Small chest area £90 BookOnline
Under arms £70 BookOnline
Upper legs £150 BookOnline
Upper lip or small chin £45 BookOnline

~ IPL Skin rejuvenation ~

IPL hair rejuvenation Per session Senior Esthetician
Cheeks only £70 BookOnline
Chin £50 BookOnline
Forehead £55 BookOnline
Full face £95 BookOnline
Hands £55 BookOnline
Neck and chest £95 BookOnline