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~ Alisun V300+ ~

The Alisun V300+ provides an optimal balance between efficiency and results, the V300+ is the perfect solution for those who want comfortable power. It is equipped with plug and play MP3 connector and comes with Cool Breeze unit. Alisun V300+ has lower UVA with increased UVB for a smoother and better looking tan. The Alisun has unique anti-aging properties with a skin collagen treatment and vitamin D production. Plug in your MP3 Player and listen to your favourite music.

~ £1 per minute ~

Session 15min £15 BookOnline
Session 12min £12 BookOnline
Session 10min £10 BookOnline
Session 8min £8 BookOnline
Session 5min £5 BookOnline
~ Sunbed courses ~
30min course  £5 saving £25 Phone Booking
60min course  12 saving £48 Phone Booking
90min course  £20 saving £70 Phone Booking
120min course  £30 saving £90 Phone Booking